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Pretty Jane was begun by Deborah Moebes after the birth of her second child, which coincided with her older daughter's introduction to puberty and Tweendom. Between the two, Deborah struggled to find cool, hip clothes that still looked like they belonged to children and not rap artists of tiny size. Having spent nearly ten years teaching middle and high school, Deborah knew all too well that there was little in the stores to fill the gap, certainly not for the tween and teen set. So she took time off from her PhD studies in Anthropology to stay home with her girls. She pulled together years of experience and lots of advice and created Pretty Jane, a line of children's clothes that reflect her ideals as a parent and her sense of style.

Pretty Jane started simply as a vision of clothes for her tween, but along the way, Deborah heard from dozens and dozens of moms the same refrain: ALL our children need clothes that make them look and feel like kids. So she added sizes for littler girls, ages six months to seven, in addition to the eight through fourteen sizes for tweens. And styles for boys, ages six months to seven, because boys want style, too. And there's even more in the works, with plans for a line for women, since all the mommies kept asking, "Does this come in my size?"

So stay tuned! There's still a lot more to come...

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