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May 2007:

Beehive does a redesign on the store layout, and Pretty Jane responds with new products like baby bonnets, bibs, tote bags, and a wider line of Tween Wear. The web page gets a makeover, and a brand new logo is developed. Web store launches. Pretty Jane and Beehive highlighted in Fortune Small Business magazine. Whew.

April 2007:

Pretty Jane partners with Felted Heart to host a trunk show at the Beehive. Mailings go out, reinforcements are called in, and new designs are developed. It's awesome.


February 2007:

Pretty Jane stays up until the latest latest hours of the night (and WELL into the morning) rethinking designs, renewing focus, and rejuvenating the spirit. Mr. Pretty Jane very supportive and encouraging, though his sleep was often disturbed.

December 2006:

Pretty Jane hosts her first trunk show, to rave success and tons of word-of-mouth. Plenty more shows follow, with piles and piles of work in between (hand constructing each garment takes time, people!)


November 2006:

Thanksgiving week, Pretty Jane officially launches its line at the Beehive Co-op down on Peachtree St. in Atlanta.


October 2006:

A close friend of Mr. and Mrs. Pretty Jane hears their Great Idea and suggests retail space at the Beehive. Pretty Jane jets on over and shows samples to Petra Geiger, the Brilliant Mind behind the 'Hive, and secures a position in their Kids' Department.


September 2006:

Mr. and Mrs. Pretty Jane are driving around the neighborhood in the car, as they sometimes do, talking about Important Things. Mrs. Pretty Jane points out that she's always wanted to make clothes, and thinks if she were to start a business, that's what she'd like to do most. Mr. Pretty Jane points out, in reply, that there's no time like the present, what with just having made a new baby to model said clothes, and all.

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